A Risk, Good or Bad?

With the dawn of the alternate energy resources in Pakistan, there are very less people who have taken the risk of installing Solar systems in their homes or offices.

This Post is about a Person who has taken the Risk of installing Solar System in his home, with all the family and friends saying against it, he took the decision as a lone warrior.  I had the pleasure of interviewing this early adopter of the solar energy in Pakistan. He shared some valuable insights, which will help you decide to use alternative energy, or not. I wanted to get his opinion on his recent adventure to expand our knowledge and the procedures that will help you, while installing the systems.

Mr. Waqas runs a company of his own. His company deals in the retailing business so he knows the recent trends in the market and where the good Quality stuff is available.  The trend of small solar lights or small panels to run a Fans are now being introduced in Pakistan slowly, there are book shops selling Solar reading lamps. And similarly the gate lights are also being turned into Solar. It can be said that Solar products are slowly making its place in the households. Some companies have started making and installing  solar systems in Pakistan, most of the items are imported from China.

Home Solar System

  • Why Solar?

When he was asked, why solar? The main reason he opted for solar is the cost of electricity going higher day by day. The current price of Electricity is Rs.25/per unit, which will eventually go up to Rs.35/per unit according to the Kerry Lugar bill. So even if you get 24 hours of WAPDA (Fingers crossed) the cost would be very high and not affordable with the summers just around the corner.

Solar eliminates the need for WAPDA and helps save the costs. Also with the prices of Petrol and Diesel going higher, the generators would prove to be equally expensive. With all the claims of the government that there would be no power cuts, things have not improved very much, so with solar these problems can be minimised.

  • Costs Of System.

The budget that Mr. Waqas explained is very interesting. Most people don’t adopt solar because of the huge initial investment that comes in their way. But the truth is that you can scale up and scale down the investment by your own choice. There are different quality rates of the products.

If you buy a normal quality product it will not be very expensive. Similarly the amount of batteries that you install is also on your own will, these are the cost saving elements. Also, the quality of batteries matter a lot and their prices differ similarly.

The current system that Mr. Waqas has installed in his home is a 3KVA(24000 Watts), which runs on 4 batteries, with this system his home, operates 18 hours on solar energy and only 6 hours on WAPDA.  If it had been 8 batteries than 24 hours on solar, how cool it that!

Installing Panel

  • Maintenance.

As most of you have heard that there are very low costs for the maintenance of the Solar system installed. Once the good quality equipment is installed and the new batteries with it, then for 5 years no maintenance is required God willing every thing goes perfect, just to clean Solar panels once a week with a dry cloth.

  • The Challenge. 

Awareness among people about the advantages of solar energy in Pakistan is very less, so installing a solar system in the home is up till now an individual decision. Most of the family members object to the high costs of initial investment and think of it as a risk. But these risk takers are the ones who define the future trends.

The future of alternate energy is very bright. My and Mr. Waqas advice to you is to Start on a small scale and experience the results; How solar improves your saving and also the Shift in the mindset. Next two years will prove to be welcoming era of the alternate energy in the world. Be the first among the neighbours to welcome the change.

We at Solar In Pakistan will bringing more interviews and Podcasts of the people who are using Solar system is their homes and offices and their businesses as well.

If you know anyone who is willing to share his experience with us do let us know. :)

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You can sell extra energy from your solar system to the national grid!?

Imagine installing a solar system for your home, and then selling the surplus energy! Every house has the potential of being a power station!! Such is the case in many European countries, and Pakistan may soon join them!

NEPRA (the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) has shown clear intent allow solar metering systems that will allow exactly this.

Something to keep an eye out for!

More at the link here: http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/business/15-Jun-2013/nepra-to-introduce-solar-net-metering-system

Pakistan and China Solar Investments on the Rise

China to invest in solar projects in Pakistan

Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif went to China and all he got was not a lousy t-shirt, it seems.

Among other niceties, China is to invest in setting up solar systems in Pakistan.

The China state-owned (obviously) NORINCO has been invited to install these solar systems, among other energy and communications (roads etc) projects.

Another Chinese company Morinco is looking to invest possibly in Punjab on projects that include solar-based energy projects.

More details, mostly not related to Solar in Pakistan, can be found in this article by Pakistan Today.

All you ever needed to know about solar systems in Pakistan

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